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Rauno is right. And imo the judging situation is starting to really hurt the sport both from a credibility stand point and a marketing stand point. Once fighters can't just lie on top of guys the sport will naturally evolve to become much more exciting.

The people who would be interested in MMA in it's current form already are. They need to find a way to bring in the guys who currently think it's boring and that they don't want to pay to watch a guy lie on top of another guy for 15 minutes.

Knees to the head on the ground would help a lot too both by giving wrestlers another strong weapon when able to get to a dominant position, but also by making shooting in a desperation take down a less viable strategy especially if you get stuffed.

The people who would cry about knees on the ground being too barbaric already call MMA too barbaric and dismiss it, so why are we pandering to them?

Jon Fitch + knees to the head on the ground? Yes please.

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