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Originally Posted by leifdawg View Post
He eclipsed Hughes by beating and FINISHING him twice.
Then doesn't that make the whole "he doesn't finish" point irrelevant?

Georges has tons of finishes, just none lately but look at his performances since he became a "safe" fighter.

- Handles Josh Koscheck with ease.
- Finishes Matt Hughes for a second time.
- Destroys Matt Serra in the rematch, finishing him.
- Batters Jon Fitch from pillar to post for 25 minutes.
- Finishes BJ Penn
- Drops Thiago Alves, tears groin, goes onto win decision.
- Nearly submits Dan Hardy on two occasions, completely dominates the fight.
- Nearly retires Josh Koscheck with a jab.
- Lackluster fight with Jake Shields.
- Puts on FOTY candidate with Carlos Condit.

The whole "GSP is safe" angle is really, really overblown and I think a lot of people got that just because he took down two guys who were labeled as lethal strikers, although Alves actually is one, where as Hardy was really just false hype so to speak. It really makes me question if people actually watch his fights because his only real bad fight in that stretch is the Jake Shields fight and he was consistently poked in the eye.

And I don't wanna hear anything about the Koscheck fight either, that fight clearly should have been stopped and he did do significant damage to Koscheck's eye.

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