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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I like playing Black Ops every now and then. But not like I played the first one. I could play Domination on the original Black Ops for hours.

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Yeah, I think secretly I still even prefer the first one, but my will power is stopping me from going back to it after I did when MW3 came out. Me and my mate would play Black Ops down to such a science, but now it's a kind of run and gun game. I hate that they got rid of camping. They listened to too many run and gunners. They took Nuketown too seriously and made every level small (except turbine), and the whole Ghost being lv. 55, Counter UAV's being like 6 kill streak (or whatever score), Silencers being high gun level and having to move when on ghost makes sniping or holding down positions a nightmare. Camping, or pretty much just holding an area, was a great way to play in Black Ops. Me and a mate would hold seperate nuketown buildings and smash everyone as they spawned, but now you'd be caught on UAV straight away, or worse killed in half a second of spawning with no spawn protection.

Still an awesome game, but has a lot of flaws which will hopefully be fixed with DLC. Still will be sticking to it for the time being though. Might give Hitman a rent in the meantime. Just building up until GTA comes out and I can snipe everyone and lose them on the roads again

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