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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I'm with Voiceless really. Although the same can happen again, I think Cain had a lot of questions to ask. Alright LL, JDS has never been held down. But he's never faced a wrestler as talented as Cain. We never got to see what happens if Cain takes him down and smashes him up for a few seconds. I think his jitz is slightly overrated and I think Cain is probably the best GnP guy at HW, so it will be interesting as fuk to see this fight to me. Really 50/50.
Cain had his leg and Junior easily shrugged him off, a one legged Junior at that.

I do think Junior's ground game is a mystery so I won't sit here and act as if he's completely dangerous off his back because, truth is I have no idea how good he is, because it's never been on show except for the moment when Carwin nearly had him a last second guillotine at the end of their fight but the fight was close to ending I don't think he tried to fight it. For the most part it's a mystery, he could be a wizard off his back or completely helpless, but there's a reason no one really knows what it's like, because he knocks people senseless on the feet.

Can Cain get him down? I guess it's possible but let's look at it like this, Cain cannot stand with him, that's been proven. So it's not like his gameplan is gonna be some big mystery, Junior also just recently fought a guy whose gameplan also wasn't a mystery in Frank Mir, and before all of this he was promised a Heavyweight title shot against the winner of Brock Lesnar/Cain Velasquez back in 2010 so he's been pretty much drilling his TDD hard day in and day out for the last two years, training with surely some of the best wrestlers in the world, because that's all he's faced is wrestlers and a submission artist in Mir whose only chance was getting him to the ground, that's all he's fought in the last two years. Shane Carwin could be considered a striker I guess, but he's got a wrestling background to go with his power punching so he still fits the bill of wrestler.

We also know Junior can take a shot, many don't feel Cain can. I don't believe the first fight was a fluke, it was an indication of Junior just being the better man, I don't think Cain gets KO'ed in 64 seconds again, I imagine he lasts longer this time but I do think an uppercut from Junior ends his Heavyweight run and sends him packing to 205 or Rich Franklin land if he can't make the cut and is stuck there which would be a shame because he is a great fighter and could beat a lot of those guys, with ease.

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