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Originally Posted by hadoq View Post

All the time he's doing his things, smoking, rant videos and whatnot, he's not training. He's not Andy-talented either but he may be GSP-talented, only with a shitty work ethic and child-like motivation.
Sorry cant agree with you there. The diaz bro's are probably 2 of the top most well prepared, as far as training goes, as there are. These guys do triathlons (which is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run)... I mean seriously, how many other fighters in the UFC could do those? MAYBE gsp and condit? (Now diaz did place 36/292 in the 2011 donner lake triathlon, but 13 of the people that finished above him were 40+ years old and diaz wasnt even ranked last year.. But He still did it. )

Sure, he could be training instead of smoking weed or making videos, but you could say that about anybody. GSP and Silva could be training instead of making commercials. My point is, everyone that is a fighter does things instead of training. Who and what they do, varies for each fighter. And just because you don't agree with what diaz does in his free time (albeit something not allowed in the sport), does not mean he has "Shitty work ethic".

I'm not even a diaz "fan", i'm just sayin bro.

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