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First training tonight

Hi, a bunch of eastern european guys just opened an MMA gym at the local wrestling gym (actually, I live in a small remote area but we have a very good wrestling gym with a few actual olympians coming from it, I think they had one ranked 6th at Athens Olympic games, anyway, that's not the point here)

a friend of mine, who originally comes from boxing and whom I brought into liking MMA, already started a couple months ago, and I decided to join him.

I'm 34, not really athletic or anything, so you won't ever see me on the UFC (or probably in a fight at all) But I decided I wanted to get back in shape and also learn to deal with difficult situations better than I do now.
And obviously, I can't wait to start rolling and practicing some BJJ too.

I'll probably feel like dying tonight (that's how bad my shape is) but I've decided I needed to do it, for myself, my health, my family, because I don't want to be the guy who dies for not having properly taken care of my body.

So I'm not doing it because I want to be a fighter, I probably don't. But I like the philosophy behind it, I like the mentality of going all out and not giving up, which is something I want to learn, to better myself as a person and a family man.

I want to thank you guys from MMAF for keeping the flame alive (no pun intended), this is the only MMA forum I go to, and I don't need any other because of how great this one is.

much love to you, wish me luck, I see you on the other side!
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