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Originally Posted by hadoq View Post
I can pretty much see Anderson going all Chris Leben on Diaz, who probably wouldn't even have the time and leisure to taunt at all.

I can see also GSP BJPenning Diaz by making him quit on the stool in between rounds, out of sheer frustration

GSP wants to humiliate diaz, and humiliation is basically the way he fights. He already had a full camp prepping for Diaz (or at least half a camp), he wants this fight. it wouldn't be fair to hendricks but GSP/Diaz is the fight I want to see

Andy/Diaz, same result, but with a finish, probably in the 1st

Both would probably end up with Diaz retiring and getting busted for pot one more time.

Diaz is an extremely talented fighter, but he doesn't have his head together.

All the time he's doing his things, smoking, rant videos and whatnot, he's not training. He's not Andy-talented either but he may be GSP-talented, only with a shitty work ethic and child-like motivation.
Well that's just quite clearly a load of nonsense. Diaz is one of the most conditioned, hardest trained athletes in the sport.

Smoking? Are fighters supposed to literally train 24/7 at all times, without spending any personal time to them selves? Rant videos? What are you even talking about?

@cdtpcl, thanks, will rep when I can.

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