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Originally Posted by hadoq View Post
only with a shitty work ethic and child-like motivation.
I am a well known Nick Diaz disliker, but I would never refer to him having a shitty work ethic and child like motivation. From other fighter interviews it is apparent that Nick Diaz's #1 motivation in life is training, #2 is weed. Nick is apparently always in the gym, always rolling or sparing with people, and always in ridiculous shape. I don't think I have ever heard the phrase "out of shape Diaz". One of the real benefits of his training style is that he doesn't try to fight when he has peaked like most camps, instead he stays in the same relative shape so he can fight on a moments notice.

Diaz has a shitty attitude, he has a shitty outlook on rules, and he has a shitty vocabulary. A shitty work ethic? No, never.

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@cdtpcl, thanks, will rep when I can.
No need man, I should have included it in my OP rather than assume everyone had read it.
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