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Week's not over yet, but I just had a rough night.

Earlier this week made $165, minus a minor loss ($80) the week before so up $85. Last night played in a fast and furious 1-2 game that was more like 2-4. Negative $435 which is my worst loss in years.

Got bet out of my top pair AQ with a flush on the turn.
AK loses to a A10 flip. Fish re-raises pre-flop with it too and of course at that point I ship. Who raises hard with A10 off out of position...

Pocket 10's lost to a guy with a set although I didn't put in much ($20) thankfully cuz I was set mining. Ironically pocket 8's hits his set in the window and beats a guy who had QK two pair.

This was a frustrating hand.
What would you have done Luck Box.
Pocket JJs -
$12 x 4 = $48 in pot
FLOP: Q108
Initial raiser leads out with $25. I call.
7 on the turn.
He leads out again with $35. I call.
9 on the river.
He bets out $35 again. I call.

What do you think he had and what would you have done in those streets. A pre-flop raise is out of the question unless it's all in. But I'm not there to win a small pot.

Oh and I lost AA earlier to a flush...haha. A friend of mine was down -$700 in less than an hour, but he made a good portion back. Hopefully he regained it.

These guys are no different than the players online who are even crazier. They simply hit and my cards didn't hold. One guy hit every single draw. Beginning to wonder if I should have stopped when I lost AA to AJ earlier on.

Oh well, round three tonight!

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