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Originally Posted by Kin View Post
It's never happened off of a proper triangle. Even if we ignore the fact that the guy would have to chew through his own arm first, that scenario still doesnt agree with anatomy. You know, unless your balls are somehow above your pelvic bone...

Someone grabbing your nuts is a possibility...vaguely. I mean, it'd be hard, but theoretically possible. Thankfully, I don't tend to get into streetfights while naked. If you do, you have a lot to reconsider about your lifestyle -- and it goes far beyond the realm of bjj. Because, you know, grabbing nuts through jeans (from that position especially) doesnt work as well as you might think.

Furthermore, if someone's in a tight triangle, he's going out in 5-10 seconds. Even if what you're suggesting is feasible, someone could endure some pain for that amount of time. Plus, cutting the angle and underhooking the leg or free arm will negate both slams and/or nut grabs.

As for guillotines, thumb in the ribs? Seriously? In adrenaline fueled scenarios, people have been known to not even notice getting stabbed... but those damn rib pokes! They instantaneously halt any action!

The other problem with all of this is that, again, a proper submission has someone passing out within seconds. An untrained guy, who's never been in this situation before, will almost always tweak out and just try to pull your arm or legs off of him. If you're in a solid guillotine (you know, the kind which you tap to in under 2 seconds), you won't have enough time to blindly find someone's eyes or cause enough pain with your thumb or whatever.

While I do agree with you that anything can happen and training -- or even being an accomplished pro -- doesn't make you invincible in a street fight, most of the scenarios you've listed fall soundly into the 'lol no' category.
True dat. I've never seen anyone bite someone in a street, bar, club, restaurant, cafe...any fight for that matter. I've seen people getting shanked, hit in the head with baseball bats w/ head split open, bottles galore, stools, chairs, head butt, flying soccer kick, stomps, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. But never biting, eye guaging, pokes in the ribs (lolz), and thankfully no curb stomping.
That's like grade school stuff man. When people get into holds biting won't make the other guy release it. You're going to sleep.

One thing Kin speaks from experience is adrenaline. ANYONE who's done battle can agree. You're impervious to gun shot wounds and stab wounds for less than a minute...then you'll pass out from blood loss. You're fighting for your life so you're in a fight or flight mode.

Had an acquaintance who got jacked in an alley and fought off three dudes getting punctured in the lung and slashed in his arm blocking it...knocking out all three then passing out to the ER. We were practicing different moves, trading war stories and he showed me his narly scars.

Anyways you shouldn't be getting into street fights cuz almost always someone else has a weapon or a larger crew than you. But hey if you want to get an adrenaline rush be my guest.

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