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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
If you watch the fights, you'll see that Gustaf is not just hype. It doesn't matter who's on his record, just watch the way he fights... he's good.

He didn't finish Thiago Silva... so? He dropped him in the first minute then out-maneuvered him all night, beat him up nicely. Thiago dazed him with a hook... so? It was Thiago's only decent attack and Gus handled it well. Then carried on tooling him.

If he loses to Shogun, it doesn't mean he's hype. It means he fought a tried and true hard man with much more experience than himself. Look at the betting lines, Gustaf is actually favorite.
Gus is very, very good at striking. His TDD, on the other hand, is still highly questionable.

When people focus on the strengths of a competitor, while overlooking their weaknesses, that's quintessential hype.

Kind of like the Green Bay Packers last year. It's not that their offense wasn't historically potent, it's that their defense was bad. And everyone saw that, but they ignored it. Which made the team over-hyped.

As for the betting lines I don't have to go very far back to give you examples of them being wildly off the mark.

Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I don't like how people throw around "hype". What hype? He is young as hell and has destroyed most everyone since getting caught by Phil Davis when he was like 22 years old. No one is anointing him the next champ. They are anointing him a young challenger to the top guys. The term "hype" gets thrown around way too often.

So if he loses to a top 5ish LHW it means he was hype? No it means he was beat by a top 5 LHW.

I think people are overrating him in this particular fight. Where Gustaf is more than a 2to1 favorite. Which I think is nuts. But Gustaf has skills no doubt. How those skills match up vs. a guy like Shogun compared to a Thiago Silva? We don't know yet?
Yeah, but by your own admission the majority of fans think he's going to walk through this top 5 LHW.

Being over-hyped doesn't mean he's bad, just that people are making him out to be better than he actually is.
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