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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I just found out that you get to keep your perks with the Pretigue Token, thanks fuk I get to use Ghost for a while longer, these UAVs are killing me. I also hate how everyone uses the FAL now. In Black Ops, I had like 4 deaths by it in total so I felt great being the only guy running around with it and all original and shit haha. Now ever second person has it. I'm using it with Acog, only like 3 camos in though.
I'm rank 48 right now and I'm afraid to prestige my gun cause I'm not sure all what is lost when you do it. Can you clarify what all is lost?

The gun I got gold camo on is the SWAT-556, like 90% of the people run around with shotguns and smgs from what I can tell and I wanted to be competitive without them, and it was difficult but that gun is a perfect methodical killer. It's fast/powerful enough to kill 1 vs 1, but also stable and sturdy enough where you can get longshots all day long.

Now that it's gold, I decided to try out the SKORPION EVO which is supposed to be the most powerful "in your face" gun in the game, and honestly? It feels like it, it's difficult to lose in a 1 vs 1 situation with that gun, it shoots so fast and it's so powerful, especially with the appropriate attachments. The only issue is that the range is balls compared to the SWAT-556, so if you see someone in the distance you might as well just let him go and save ammo.
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