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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Rory is good at everything, he's a modern fighter. If he's not having his way in one area, he can take the fight in a different direction with confidence.

And if you want to quote the Condit fight, Rory was handling him very well, winning the first two rounds in all areas. He said himself it was too much too soon, big opponent on the main card for his second UFC fight. Experience lose him that fight, not skills.
Sorry, I should have rephrased the post to great instead of good. Rory isn't great at any thing.

If you look at all of the great fighters and great champions out there, they all have that one area in which they are light years ahead of their opponent, and then on top of that they are also very good in all other areas.


GSP: excelling wrestling ability, well rounded every where else.
Anderson: Striking god, well rounded in all other areas
Jones: Monster wrestler, well rounded every where else
JDS: Most feared hands in the division, extremely hard to get a hold of and take down.

These great fighters all have that one thing in common. The one area where they really shine in and stand out from the crowd, and then the solid all round game to go on top of that.

With people hailing Rory as "the next GSP", "the future of the division", I'm not sure which aspect he's great in, I'm struggling to work it out. He's like a Martin Kampmann. Good in all facets of the game, but not outanding in any particular area and I don't think with such a skillset he'll ever become champion. I don't think he'll get past BJ or Kampmann for that matter.
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