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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Am I reading that right? It's listing Te-Huna as having only one TD against him?

Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Yeah I don't get the "hype" issue with him at all. Let's just run through some of the facts.

1. He should have been given the opportunity to fight Jon Jones in September, the UFC decided to do something very shady and bring in 2-3 MW's to stall the division in particular him from getting his shot. If you are in line for a title shot you are not a product of hype.

2. If he loses this fight to Shogun what happens to him when it comes to the rankings. Does he fall off the face of the earth like he was a WW or LW? Absolutely not, he will still be in the top ten and you won't see to many (or any) guys jump over him in the rankings. He's established himself as a top ten fighter so once again not a product of hype.

3. If he beats Shogun what happens to him? If he finishes Shogun or is more convincing in his victory then Henderson was he becomes the automatic undisputed number one contender. If you are a win away from being the undisputed number one contender you are not a product of hype.
None of those are facts.

Take downs mean very little to Gustaf as his BJJ game is so good. He'll fight off his back, he'll wear a guy out in his guard. And your analogy is horrible, the Packers weren't "hyped" they were unlucky that they drew the SB champion in the 2nd round of playoffs.

He's going to need to lose twice to be out of title relevancy you don't get that way from "hype".
Relying on submissions off your back at these levels is a losing proposition. It works sometimes on mid-tier UFC fighters, and it used to work before everyone started cross-training. Not anymore. A guy on Shogun's level won't get caught by someone fighting off his back, guaranteed.

And the Packers were Hyped, you failed to get the point. They were really good, but they weren't as good as their image. They had a shitty defense that everyone turned a blind eye towards.

Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Hey I'm a Packers fan, die hard. I mean they won 15 games with statistically one of the worst defenses ever. If you can win 15 games that way they many people will think you will continue to win. Especially coming off a SB. Especially with one of the best QBs in the game. I mean they beat damn good teams all year that way. And the game is becoming more and more about passing. Obviously it didn't work out. They lost to the eventual SB champ. A 2 time champ in like 4 years.
Granted, they weren't playing against scrubs, but they were expected to stroll to the SB. You tell me, how worried were you going into that game against a very good Giants team?

Isn't the poll above like dead even? I mean not that many people think he runs through Shogun. Some do, but some posters on here will go the other way and go real bold in any pick they make.

Some people are think Shogun runs through him. Many see a real good fight. And some think Gustaf will steamroll him. Pretty even fight from the public's perspective. So I wouldn't say his hype comes from "everyone" thinking he will run through a top 5 LHW.

Who knows how good he is. It is hard to say people are making him out to be better than he is when he is like 25 and has handled most everyone given to him. None of us know truly how good he is yet because he has only climbed to a fringe top 10 LHW (Thiago Silva) and won pretty easily. Now we see if he is top 5 worthy. The same 5-7 guys have been top 5 for a while now, if you beat one you can be mentioned with them. Rashad, Machida, Hendo, Shogun, Rampage is falling out of this tier since he doesn't really want to fight anymore, maybe Phil Davis now.
Betting odds are a more accurate representation of popular opinion than polls on this site. and Gus is a massive favorite.

Let me ask you this, what is it about Gustaffson's body of work that makes him almost a 2:1 favourite against Rua? Those odds are pretty high. If you can't think of one major aspect in which Gus outclasses Rua, the logical conclusion is that hype played a part in the way people view this match up.
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