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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
I'd LOVE for you to meet my sensei. He's a "MMA doesnt work" kind of guy. Guillotine = Eyes being ripped out. You go for a triangle on the street? Have fun with that shark attack bite on the side of your leg for the rest of your life. MMA Vs Street Fighter is only relevent as in trained fighter Vs untrained fighter.
That's nonesense. I'd favor classical Jiu Jitsu over MMA for street fighting, because fighting with clothes on and fighting naked/sweaty makes a bit of a difference and where I live people wear clothes mostly all of the year, so training with Gi makes sense. And in Jiu Jitsu you train against armed attacks and tactics against multiple opponents. BUT MMA training is still superior to the majority of traditional martial arts, because a) it isn't restricted to only stand up, only take downs or only ground fighting, and b) training is usually more honest than it is actually done in most traditional martial arts classes, because it is full contact and there is a bigger focus on building physical strength.

Someone who fights, even the simple form of karate I also do, gives me the reactions to dodge the reckless haymakers people throw on the street. We do wrist locks and stuff which at least would be able to get their hand off my chest (for some reason people fight with one hand grabbing you and the other with shit punches lmao). Thats really the only difference, fight experience and reactions. Everything is more natural to someone training. If its a real fight, cardio probably wont come in cause you're either knocking someone out or being knocked out. Techniques like submissions and takedowns dont work, because someone will bite the shit out of you if you have them trapped, and I dont mean like the dude bit on TUF, I mean chunks.
Wrong, if you don't have cardio and haven't trained how to pace yourself in full contact training and go berserk in a street fight, you will gas in 30 seconds. If you don't put your opponent away in that time, you're in big trouble. If there isn't a significant difference in fighing ability, knocking someone out isn't that easy. And if you have to run away, you really want to have better cardio than the guy with the knife who runs after you.

Thinking that take downs don't work in street fights is also wrong. Firstly, most people don't know how to defend a take down. Secondly, on the streets you don't fight on suspended ground covered with a mat. Because of that, a good take down has a pretty high chance to result in a KO. And if you know how to use take downs on the street, the guy doesn't just fall on an even concrete floor (which is already quite damaging), but on curb stone, car edges, spiky fences etc.

And thats me as a white belt (missed grading ) saying that. I know from experience that the high grades wouldnt be phased by someone trying MMA on the streets because the high grades have trained even as simple things as finger breaking, groin grabs, eye rakes and everything that would be "against the rules" in MMA. I mean it's not hard to do it, but if you're going for what you mentioned, triangles and guillotines, you're probably going to be sorry immediatley after it. Best bet is to use your natural fighting experience to put the guy away with punches.
Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Exact same with me.

"You're fighting for your life so you're in a fight or flight mode."

"That's like grade school stuff man."

Dont you feel this contradicts? You're right with your first part, you're fighting for your life. In that case, I couldn't care less if it was grade school, playschool, high school or driving school, if something works, I'll use it. Someone has you in a triangle in a fight right? Well, you dont know him, so for all you know he's literally going to choke you to death. I dont know if you've ever been choked out of a controlled enviroment, but that sudden panic will make you do anything you can. Biting and groin grabs are pretty much your only options there.
Usually they try to free themselves with their hands. I.e. RNC, eye gouging would be a reasonable strategy, but so far I have only seen people grabbing the choking arm with their hands to release the pressure when they panic. No eye gouging, no biting attemps.

And say you get someone in a triangle and put them to sleep. You say you wont let go because of the adrenaline of the fight. Alright, but heres the situation. He bites you, takes a huge chunk out your leg (5-10 seconds is a HUGE amount of time), and you put him to sleep. In 10 minutes he wakes up and is fine, but you've got a hole the size of a mouth removed for the rest of your life. I consider him to have bested that exchange.
No, he won't - unless you fight naked. Buy a pound of meat, preferably with skin, put it under tissue you usually wear (i.e. old pair of jeans) and then try as hard as you can to bite through it. I'd wonder if you will succeed. - Of course, if someone bites you, even through clothing, it will leave a fine haematoma, but he won't bite a chunk out of you.

You're taking fighting as in there is a winner and loser. "Thats grade school stuff". If you actually know fighting (which you might well), you'll know that respect goes out the window. Unless you're still in high school, respect for winning a fight doesnt exist out of sports and regulated compitition. If this is a hate triggered fight, you're just looking to hurt someone. He knows submissions? Rib his balls off, see if he's bragging about putting you out to his mates the next day.

And I've seen someone bite someone in a fight. About 2 years ago a mate of mine got someone in a headlock (like under the arm) and was punching the other dude. He ended up having to get 7 stitches in his side after the dude went lock jaw on him. You're constrained to a point where you can only move your mouth, and you're being choked, you may aswell try and rip the dudes flesh off before he puts you out and maybe even threatens your life.

I agree that you shouldnt be getting in fights though. I'm at that stage where I love fighting, but I could NEVER start a fight. I'd feel horrible if I ever started on someone. Way too old for that bullshit, and I'm only 20. You do get those situations though where you think "I'd LOVE someone to take a dig at me right now" . And if someone has a bigger crew or a weapon, you may aswell go down swinging.
Yes, you should avoid getting into fights. As long as you're a decent person and not out there to beat other people up, you CANNOT win a street fight. You ONLY can minimize the damage done to you or those you're protecting. Even if you get out of the situation without physical harm, it will at least affect your mood for a while if not even cause psychological trauma (with effects like sleeplessness, petulance, anxiety etc.).
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