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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
I think it's conditional, but I would be okay with that in light of the Weidman injury. But see he didn't stop at that he also wants to be the interim middle champion and the Strikeforce champion. If he ever did get a title shot I'm sure he'll insist on being inducting into the Hall of Fame first.

Yes it could be banter but I see it more as pathetic and a transparent attempt at running down people who didn't take years to beat a top ten MW.

Diaz didn't get an instant shot, he fought BJ Penn then he fought Condit for an interim belt. Though it's fairly clear that the SF HW (both of them), LHW, WW, and LW champions are all in the title mix. But the MW guy, that guy should just be happy to have a job.

Bisping maybe a douche but the fact that every horrible attention seeking annoying thing he does elicits apologists is getting crazy.
I dont agree with him being the interim champion, but I'm assuming it was an interview where they mentioned Anderson not fighting again for a considerable amount of time. Also, I didnt know Wiedman got injured, but I dont care. Weidman beating Boetsch wouldnt be anywhere near Bisping beating Belfort, and Stann is better than Munoz.

Also, who the fuk cares how long it takes to be a top 10 fighter? He's a top 5 now, and thats all that matters. He's running down someone who hasnt been in the UFC and he sees as a threat to taking his title oppertunity (and a non fight threat).

Diaz did get an immediate title shot. He no showed a press conferance and got removed from it, but Bisping fears that Rockhold could get the same treatment and Bisping doesnt need to fight Rockhold and waste his own time. Im sure Bisping and every other MW wants Anderson more than the belt. This is the chance to topple the greatest. When he retires, thats cool, and if they lose it doesnt hurt their rep cause everyone knows that the next champ after Spider retires wouldnt beat him, but every MW wants the best of all time while they can, so Count doesnt want to waste time facing Rockholds when he can have contendership fights like Belfort.

Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Bisping can be funny sometimes.

But his title aspirations are about to meet an ugly end.
I kind of expect the same. Belfort is an animal. When people said he was washed up and Jones beat an old man, I thought it was crazy. Belfort might just be the best MW without Anderson. I could give him the edge against ANYONE at MW not holding the belt, and with Bisping's chin being slightly weak, as shown by the rock in the Stann fight, I think that Belfort will catch him at some point and that will lead to the end. Hope Bisping can pull through though. I still think it's a joke that Weidman got Tim and Bisping got Vitor. Bisping should have got Weidman right there and not gave Chris the free ride anymore.

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