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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Without you mentioning your age I would have pegged you under 23 already. You havn't seen enough. Out of all my years I have never seen anyone eye gouge or bite someone in a fight. It could happen, I'm sure it would...but in our neck of the woods that's some rank shiet right there. Anyone who bit someone in a fight would get turned on by their own crew...lolz. Even in prison that shiet don't happen. You're gonna get stuck. I'm done with this topic.

20. And there was rank shit here but it goes with high school really. There is no longer a rank or respect system. If people are fighting, and I dont mean having a fair fight to see whos best, I mean a FIGHT, then anything goes. "Crews" dont exist at 20 now. I mean you have a group of mates but its no longer an everyone jumps in for everyone kind of deal. I mean even if I head out to the pub it's like one or two mates tops these days. The crew shit caused more problems in the first place. And in prison, based on prison shows I watch , biting happens A LOT.

Basically I'd take a bite vs a stab wound any day. There's more to worry about than that.

Of course, but I mean you're not going to triangle a dude with a knife're going to give him whatever he wants...regardless of training or not.

This whole MMA vs street fight is funny to me. Most were street fighters who started training to become pro fighters; Diaz Bro, Wanderlei Silva, Rampage, Lee Murray, etc.

Agreed. There are two kinds of MMA fighters. Street fighters and martial artists. A street fighter can train martial arts, but at the end of the day he was always the guy swinging punches in the park while the martial artist didnt even tell people he trained.

I'll pick a seasoned MMA trained fighter any day of the week vs a random douche who's gonna try to eye guage or bite his way to win. He might bite a piece of flesh off, but that aint gonna stop you from choking or breaking his arm off. It's gonna piss you off even more.

But theres choking again. Why are you going for that? Again, triangle = sleep for the guy receiving, probably serious scarring for the guy attacking. Seasoned MMA fighter wins based on reactions, experience, ability to take a punch etc. (Although at the end of the day random douche might just KO you with one punch).

From what I can see most are speaking from outside perspective and havn't engaged. Unless it's a hard shot you don't feel nothin' when you're scrapping that much I can tell you. It's the day after.

I know the feeling lmao. Got photos from where I thought I took one dig where like 7 guys where on me. Thought I must have been slipping and ducking on some Mayweather shit. Looked at the pics the next day and unless the dudes fist his like 7 different places on my face, I got punched like fuk haha.

You seem like an alright bloke, but always got an opinion or something to say. Give it another 10 years worth of battles and you'll see...

That I do . Meh, we're on the net, why not throw in a 2 cents to everything you know. I'm done with my battles. Got my 10 years under the belt already and hopefully dont need anymore, on the street anyways. A few years ago I got bottled and got the scars on my face still. Pretty much decided to call it quits and only ever fight if my backs against the wall really. Doing two martial arts now and wouldnt mind an old MMA fight or two some day but when it comes to street fighting, I could KO the dude, but he could have still bottled me before it and its not worth it in the end.
Other guy, I'll reply to you next...

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