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That's nonesense. I'd favor classical Jiu Jitsu over MMA for street fighting, because fighting with clothes on and fighting naked/sweaty makes a bit of a difference and where I live people wear clothes mostly all of the year, so training with Gi makes sense. And in Jiu Jitsu you train against armed attacks and tactics against multiple opponents. BUT MMA training is still superior to the majority of traditional martial arts, because a) it isn't restricted to only stand up, only take downs or only ground fighting, and b) training is usually more honest than it is actually done in most traditional martial arts classes, because it is full contact and there is a bigger focus on building physical strength.

I dont get how any of this is relevent to what I said. But as with JJ training against multiple opponents and arm attacks, yeah sure, that stuff works...but are you a master of it? If not, it's not that effective. Again, the main training will be awareness and experience in those situations. Takedowns and stuff are alright in a street fight, but generally it just happens. You're usually not standing in the middle of an open field at the time. You try and take a dude down and you probably go against a wall, and you only have so much time before someone tries to break it up or the cops come. Best thing in a street fight is near enough always to keep it standing and for a trained fighter, to use his ability to see punches coming and avoid them to make the difference and gap between a trained and untrained fighter becoming very clear. My mate said 3 people attacked him a few months ago. From karate sparring, which is jabbing and straights, he said their haymakers were SO easy to avoid, and he never got caught by one until they were stopped by someone passing by. Chokes and shit only work when you've been training them daily for years upon years, and I mean martial arts chokes. If you're training your guillotine in MMA class, you're training for sport, not self defence, which is where "dirty" shit catches you off guard.

Wrong, if you don't have cardio and haven't trained how to pace yourself in full contact training and go berserk in a street fight, you will gas in 30 seconds. If you don't put your opponent away in that time, you're in big trouble. If there isn't a significant difference in fighing ability, knocking someone out isn't that easy. And if you have to run away, you really want to have better cardio than the guy with the knife who runs after you.

Theres a difference between going all out and street fighting. I wasnt meaning swing for the fences Leben style. I mean MMA cardio and general stamina. You dont need CARDIO because you're not going to be fighting a 25 minute fight. Shit will be over within 5 minutes 90% of the time. I dont know if you have it wherever you're from,. but if you watch the traveller fights, these are guys who hit the punchbag at home and thats about it. They fight for ages because they arent just swinging like mad cnts, but jabbing and picking shots. The trained fighter will do that, and if he can punch well, and is against a general non trained fighter, he will probably knock him out or make him quit quite quickly so cardio doesnt really come into it.

Thinking that take downs don't work in street fights is also wrong. Firstly, most people don't know how to defend a take down. Secondly, on the streets you don't fight on suspended ground covered with a mat. Because of that, a good take down has a pretty high chance to result in a KO. And if you know how to use take downs on the street, the guy doesn't just fall on an even concrete floor (which is already quite damaging), but on curb stone, car edges, spiky fences etc.

If you hold him down and he cant move, desperation sets in. In MMA, this means submissions and attempts to get up. In a real life fight, this means trying to bite your face off. You might be a hardy guy for all I know, but someone starts biting your cheek off you're going to freak the fuk out. Just human nature. In MMA guys drop for like 2mins with a groin shot, wait till some dudes trying to rip them off.

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