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Originally Posted by evilappendix View Post
While I disagree with GSP's opinion, it's not tactless. Rhonda should look the word tact up in a dictionary next time she preps for an interview since she's built her short career on having none. I'm all for no tact, don't get me wrong, but calling one of the most respectful champions in MMA tactless when you're openly talking about your sex life and hanging out with guys who border on Asperger's level social dysfunction is the pot calling the kettle black and then telling it to use the back of the bus.

This is obviously a ploy to stand on GSP's shoulders whilst besmirching his name to get more hype for her debut...

Secondly(and more importantly), house boats are shit for zombie invasions. Zombies can't drown, and have no air in their lungs to make them float. They can just wait under the water forever. Not to mention, we don't know for sure the virus/curse/radiation won't affect animals in the same fashion. Zombie alligators/crocodiles? Zombie sharks? Zombie squid? No thanks! I'll take my chances on the roof or in the tree tops. Go up the stairs, then destroy them!
Thanks for the laugh! Yah she's a female version of the Diaz Bros except she's a bit more articulate.

Zombie crocs and squid...roflz!

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