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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Ofcourse you think Bisping is the better fighter because he's from England and most of you are homers. Which is fine, but...

He's been in the top ten for 3/4 years in which case he's gone 1-3 against top ten fighters. He finally beats Brian Stann and he's now ready to fight for a title? The thing is I want to not trash Bisping I really do but when you lose a round to Jason f'n Miller and you need to cheat to beat Jorge Rivera I can't I just can't.

People say Weidman hasn't earned it, wins over Boetsch, Maia, and Munoz should get you a title shot. Especially when you consider he didn't lose a round Jason Miller, he doesn't screw up in fights that cause point deductions, he hasn't lost a fight.

The guy ran down Henderson, Sonnen, Rockhold, and Weidman, now I don't know if all four guys can beat him but he's 0-2 and I don't see him "smashing" ie finishing either Rockhold or Weidman.

I'd love for him to fight Anderson Silva, so I personally don't have to see these trumped up main events with Bisping and deal with the drama from his fans.

Ultimately I wish I could walk away from these threads but unlike Bisping I'm not shameless.
I feel like Silva/Bisping would go just like Silva/Bonnar, Anderson would stand there, drop his hands and let him hit him, send Bisping into a panic where he spams takedowns and then Anderson would just finish him with a knee or something. No striker is going to beat Anderson unless you get like a Tyrone Spong at 185, he's fought guys with better hands than Bisping like Vitor and he beat them, he's fought better wrestlers in Chael and beat them.

The only time he's been put in danger is against guys who could wrestle him, Chael, Lutter, Henderson. Lutter even mounted him, that is what makes Weidman the most interesting fight for him at 185 and the most dangerous. Bisping is a guy who gets most of his finishes with volume punching or out-wrestles them like he did Stann, he can't use either to beat or even threaten Anderson.

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