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Hey guys,

I'm sorry I missed posting 2 sessions.

I believe I hit 115 pushups and 300 some crunches during the 13th day.

I have been going strong through the hundred pushups since my 13th session of training.

I cannot remember any details about 14.

Day 15:
I came in extremely refreshed, I wasn't able to make monday or wednesday due to fatigue issues.

I hit 120 pushups & 400 crunches. we did 6 rounds of calisthenics.

10 rounds of free-work, I did 2-3 on a uppercut bag, I worked mainly 1-2's to the body. After that I spent the remainder of the time with a kid named ricky, I held a bag for him since I couldn't find any mitts to hold.

I worked combos with him.

After doing this with ricky, we watched 2 smaller guys spar a single round.

When that was over our strength and conditioning coach dan arrived.

He gave us a circuit:

a 15-yd ladder that we did a shuffle as quick and as accurate as possible, a criss-cross (hand over hand, and foot over foot) side walk, rolls, and then bag sprints (carrying a punching bag over a shoulder and running). I got through 6 cycles of this.

I was given the opportunity to spar again with Issiah tonight. We worked on finding each other out for about 30 seconds, I found a few shots with my jab, then backed him up somehow and found a home for a flurry of left and right hooks! I ended up landing about a dozen or more hooks! After that Issiah found a opening and got away and then pounced, he landed a few nice jabs that sent a stream of blood from my nose, in the mix there he landed a beautiful straight body shot. After the body shot my coach jeff called the round. Out of a 3-minute round we went 90-seconds.

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