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Originally Posted by the bad guy 13 View Post
JDS is a great fighter and an awesome guy, but in my opinion he goes down to Jones as they stand now...

JDS isn't fast enough to pose as big of a threat to jones as most think. he has great hand speed. and excellent foot work. but he is entirely too one dimensional/ and flat out too slow to be able to land anything serious on jones. johnny could EASILY keep him at bay with his barrage of kicks, 84" eye pokes(jab). and coud easily back pedal his way out of any danger while picking jds apart. If two of the fastest lhw's in rashad and machida couldn't hit him with anything serious. while Jones was worried about takedowns/boxing/clinch/head kicks/leg kicks etc. how on earth would jds land anything serious when all jon would have to worry about is about is punches.

i'm not counting jds out 100% and it would be foolish to. i can definitely see him knocking jones' head completely off of his shoulders, countering a spinning elbow or something. but just in my head i see jones winning this fight 6-7 times out of 10. and i see jones being more conservative with his spinning stuff, significantly lowering the risk of taking a bomb.

Well, as your awesome display picture provides you have been smoking a little too much sir.

I'm a huge Jones fan and I'm here to tell you that if you think Jones would beat JDS you are on another planet.

You can keep posting those pictures.. yes.. we have seen them. Have you? JDS is a monster. He would impose his size and strength and I 100% garuntee you Jones has not been hit with even a REMOTELY as strong of a punch that JDS would clock him with.

Jones would go in and use his reach (which keep in mind is NOT much vs heavyweights.. let alone JDS who can close that distance very very quickly, if you've ever watched more than anyone but JBJ fight and smoke you might be aware of this)

Sorry but you keep posting these threads, this is the third I believe, of you gazing at your crystal ball on a weekend when you're a little too high to be posting.

If you want to share you're crystal ball thought go to Sherdog they are all smoking the same thing.

"MMA and Muay Thai are similar in a few aspects, such as the fact that their is no traditional belting system - only a list of people you never want to have to fight." - Kenny Florian
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