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I'll be watchin for Manny and Wiman to be the best of this season. I've not seen Cory fight yet so I can't judge. Joe we know can be pretty good. Emerson has some skillz and Diaz....what can you say? We'll have to see if his bro rubbed off. Maynard seems to be a thinker....he don't shoot off at the mouth. He could be gauging everyone as a potential oponent! It's all up in the air going into the 3rd week! Some of them I could care less about, like the kid Manny whooped on last week........what was his name? lol
He made some comments about he never recognized any sports other than MMA, that's great if you are good at it! He should rethink things when he cuts down people for watching NASCAR! Some of those NASCAR fans would whoop his chubby 154lbs rearend! And what happened to his 40 sum fights? He was only given credit for like 13! He had a 10-3 record.
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