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I don't know.

The only advantages Jones has over JDS is his reach and diversity in attacks.

I think JDS is quicker with his attacks and has stronger attacks.

Who's stronger in the clinch? That, I'm not sure of.

You keep bringing up that Jones will keep JDS at bay with kicks and jabs.
I have a background in Tae Kwon Do, which is an art based on primarily on kicks. In TKD, we emphasize kicking with our feet, not our shin, to maximize the distance. Jones uses the same method frequently. Yes, he helps keep people at bay... especially people that lack experience in a kicking art. However, kicks are very easy to dodge, and IF your kick is dodged (and it just takes one), you leave yourself open for a very hard counter. With kicks, you commit yourself.

In regards to Jones keeping JDS at bay with jabs (like GSP vs Kosh?), JDS is a boxer before anything else. He will slip his way past the jabs and make Jones pay for extending his arm out.

That's just my two cents. I admit that I like JDS more than Jones, but I also just don't see Jones picking JDS apart like Jones did at LHW. If Jones takes it to the ground and uses grappling, that's a different story, one we don't see much with JDS.

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