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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I'm rank 48 right now and I'm afraid to prestige my gun cause I'm not sure all what is lost when you do it. Can you clarify what all is lost?

The gun I got gold camo on is the SWAT-556, like 90% of the people run around with shotguns and smgs from what I can tell and I wanted to be competitive without them, and it was difficult but that gun is a perfect methodical killer. It's fast/powerful enough to kill 1 vs 1, but also stable and sturdy enough where you can get longshots all day long.

Now that it's gold, I decided to try out the SKORPION EVO which is supposed to be the most powerful "in your face" gun in the game, and honestly? It feels like it, it's difficult to lose in a 1 vs 1 situation with that gun, it shoots so fast and it's so powerful, especially with the appropriate attachments. The only issue is that the range is balls compared to the SWAT-556, so if you see someone in the distance you might as well just let him go and save ammo.
When you pretigue your gun, all the attacthments are gone. Pretty much, it turns to level 1 again. It's designed for you to earn more XP by leveling it up again. You don't lose any camo or any of the optics, but the gun attatchments.

I only play Hardcore, so no one would really be using shotguns. There are a lot of run and gunners using SMGs, and the assault rifles and snipers would be picked per game. I only really use the FAL, but I have a SWAT class aswell just incase I start getting pissed off haha. I threw on the Select Fire on the FAL which turns it fully automatic, which is good for levels which have closer quarters and the FAL is way to inaccurate hip fire.

Yeah that was always my problem with SMGs. I always played at a decent range (where in Hardcore the FAL is one hit kill). The SMGs not only cant hit anyone at distance, but when they are close half the time they can turn around and kill me after the bullet bounces off of them. I'm more of a shoot to kill style player.

Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
How do you guys think the UFC games compare to EA Sports MMA?

I still play that game all the time. Easily one of my favorite games ever even though it has a serious lack of polish.

How is the single player? I'm not into playing games online at all.
EA Sports MMA is a cracking game for a group of people. When I play with mates who dont have either UFC or MMA, I won't take it to the ground and we'll fight stand up. EA MMA allows people who doont know all the intricate parts of the game to have a chance of KOing you or dropping you with one shot. My mate, who would literally lose in half a second on the ground, won like 15 games straight with Woodley. The storymode is alright. I would make guys and fight in the Brazil league, which is like 20 minutes of straight fighting. I'd be using my jab and stuff and at times the shit was really hard to fight like that. In general though, once you perfect your training, it gets too easy. My submission guy was unbeatable cause it's pretty easy to take it down, and my KO guy would knock everyone out in seconds.

UFC is A LOT more of an MMA game, which it being split on stand up, clinch and take downs, but for a lot of people I imagine it wouldnt be as fun or impactful as EA MMA, and also the cutomisation is much better in EA MMA with everyone looking as real as the actual people. Plus I dont have to pay to be Nick Diaz

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I just ended my nightly Blops 2 session with a 32-5 run, I don't know how these people take such an embarrassing beating and keep playing, HAVE THEY NO SHAME??

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