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Originally Posted by the bad guy 13 View Post
umm jds never gassed? he gassed hard against nelson and was visibly slower in the latter rds agaisnt carwin, and rashad never "almost" ko'd jj, you just reaching now. also JJ was still very green against bonnar when they fought, if they were to fight again jj would finish bonnar in 1 rd.
Jon's coaches think otherwise:

You're also highly overrating Jones' kicks to the knee. They're busy kicks that catch opponents off guard. They aren't very damaging and will never end a fight on their own. They're mostly to get into the opponent's head and distract from other things Jon is setting up.

I would still say Bonner would make it to a decision with Jones or possibly lose via cut maybe, but a finish in the first round is a bit much for one of the sports most durable fighters ever. Bones doesn't have the precise striking Anderson does, so a spectacular finish is probably out of the question.

Concerning JDS vs Roy: When you spend an entire fight punching a guy as hard as you can and he doesn't go down, that'll tire anyone. Junior spent the whole first round power punching and landing. I also think a lot of people were misled by Joe Rogan's commentary since he kept commenting on how Junior was tired but JDS was still throwing punches that were incredibly sharp. The slowing of his movement was more likely due to slowing down after realizing that Roy was not going to be an easy out.

Like I proved earlier, I too can post pictures.

I'm not a fanboy of JDS or anything, I just truly believe he would maul Jon Jones. I've also taken issue with just how poor of an argument that you are presenting here by saying "Jones will kick his leg that = win." If you believe that then you cannot be helped.
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