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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Nick Diaz is a 'favourable' match-up for no one. If Rory can get by Penn and Nick Diaz, then his hype and his name are more than merited. When did calling out tough, durable, and skilled opponents become something to scoff at? Heck, he didn't even call Diaz out. He was asked if he'd like to fight Nick, and he said 'yes'. I really don't get some of the reactions in this thread.

I also don't understand calling a professional fighter who has battered all of his opponents thus far a 'pansy'. This guy spent two rounds going toe-to-toe with Carlos Condit and getting the better of him on multiple occasions. Can anyone here make that claim?
No he really isn't favorable for anyone.

But look what Rory is doing. Calling out big names who he believes he can beat. Penn was in retirement and has a shitty record as a WW. Hmmm why did he call him out? Because he figured it was an easy way to make a name for himself. Penn was focking retired and he called him out.

Now Diaz is one of the bigger names in MMA. He is a top 5 WW no doubt. Maybe top 3. It isn't an easy opponent. But he slammed his brother around. Nick lacks wrestling. It isn't an easy fight and I would pick Nick. But we can all see what he is trying to do here. And since when does a kid get to call his fights left and right? Someone needs to shut this goofball up, he is getting a big head.

He is being a pansy when it comes to UFC fighters. Why doesn't he relax and stop imagining all this publicity he will get for beating named guys. Him calling out little, old, washed up, retired Penn was a pansy move. Of course he knew Penn wouldn't decline unlike his hero. Was a pansy move in my book. Penn isn't even a top 10 WW. But he has a name.

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