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Originally Posted by BWoods View Post
Alright a few points to address here.

1) To call JDS slow is idiotic. He is probably one of the, if not the, fastest heavyweight fighter in the UFC. His footwork is excellent and his hands are second to none. They are major reasons why he could dominate power punchers like Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson, simply because the he could hit them and get away before they could hit back.

2) Jon Jones is one of the least mobile fighters at LHW, mostly because he relies on having both a height and reach advantage in his fights. Against JDS he would still have reach (84 vs 77 inches) but both fighters are 6'4" meaning the extra force behind Bones' punches (from throwing down at his shorter opponents) is gone.

3) If you think Bones' reach advantage is going to play some huge benefit to him lets recall how JDS destroyed Stefan Struve. Not only does Struve have a longer reach than Jones, but he is also 7 foot tall. Junior made that fight look easy, getting within range and chopping the big man down in about a minute. Also, both Frank Mir and Shane Carwin had longer reaches than Junior but he managed to make those fights look easy.

4) Jones kicks are more annoying than effective. Rampage is simply an idiot and has almost never checked a kick in his career, so posting a bunch of pictures of Jones kicking him in the knees and hips isn't going to prove anything. Well, I'm wrong, it proves that Rampage can't defend kicks, but nothing else. Look, I can post pictures too!

Stop posting idiotic threads. Thanks
Originally Posted by BWoods View Post
Struve's wikipedia article lists him at 84.5, the same reach as Jones

It had been remeasured by the UFC on 5/24/12 and was reported by Ariel Helwani

I'm not going to even address your first (this is the correct spelling of first by the way kid) point. Since it's just your opinion. I could have wrote you off as a nut-dangler but oh well.

JDS not only leaps in and out of his striking but forms his gameplan around that ability. Also he has never gassed in a fight, meaning he could keep that pace up for 5 rounds. I don't know how you can say that Jones is going to have a speed advantage when he has never utilized a quick gameplan. Jon Jones forces his opponents back with his rangy kicks and takes the center of the cage.

The reason I say JDS has a speed advantage is because he fights fast. Jones fights tall. What will end up happening if you put those fighting styles together, well if they are the same height and JDS has experience against guys with the same length (something that NONE of Jones' opponents have had thus far) then things will end catastrophically for Jonny-boy. If 5'11" Rashad Evans could almost knock Jones out then what is a man his own size going to do?

JDS is much better at adjusting to his opponents gameplan than you give him credit for. Shogun, while I love him, always just does whatever comes naturally to him, meaning that he will often fall into bad habits and not follow a gameplan. Rampage doesn't gameplan, he just tries to throw big bombs. Lyoto really gave Jones a hard time and was winning the fight pretty nicely before he got too aggressive and was taken down.

Jones doesn't really use his jab as much as he could, he likes to use kicks as a range finder because he likes to keep as much range as possible. Also his hands are not nearly as good as people would like to imagine. He often leaves them low, something he can get away with because of his height and is a problem for a lot of tall fighters.

Just think about this... if Stefan Bonnar gave Jon Jones his hardest fight and was also 6'4" what do you think someone that is much bigger, much stronger, much faster, and much much more skilled will do? Even if JDS and Jones were physically identical I would pick JDS because of his fighting style and his abilities.

Then again why am I wasting my time trying to use rational and reasoning. You're a Jones fanboy and are pretty uneducated about the sport and about fighting in general. Not saying I'm the smartest guy in the world but it's enough for me to end this discussion here having said my piece.
Gotta give ya credit on your excellent analysis all across the board.

Winnable fights for the LHW title holder.
- Pat Barry
- Mark Hunt
- Roy Nelson
- Schaub
- Mitrione
- Lavar Johnson
- Ed Herman
- Big Foot
- Tuscherer
- Madsen
- Cheick Kongo

Fights I believe he will lose.
- Cain
- Overeem
- Cormier

Somewhere in the middle.
- Frank Mir (He can catch people in the striking dept., but you know what would have happened had he grabbed a hold of that arm. *SNAP*)
- Struve
- Big Nog
- Carwin
- Werdum
- Gonzaga

So yah he's talented enough to make a dent in the HW division, but he'll run into issues with high level grapplers and BJJ practitioners who grab a hold of his lanky arms or especially his legs. Frank if he doesn't get KOed standing has a high chance of breaking a limb. All HW fighters pack a punch so that goes without saying.

I'm very confident he will make a foray into the HW division within the next three years.

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