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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Could of sworn there was a thread on here a year or two ago about how Cain is actually the strongest puncher. Could be mistaken.
Thought I heard about that somewhere too. I think it's the velocity of his punches. It's fairly crisp with good technique. I can hear the snap on the Thai pads. He effed up Brock real good in a matter of seconds and Big Foot. That impressed me the most especially because nobody knew how he would react to a KO loss. Cain is extremely mentally tough, but it really looked like he was a bit nervous fighting in his hometown I believe. He hesitated for that second and I could see that BOMB coming right at his head.

I'd still have to say Overeem and Carwin is ahead of em.

Originally Posted by Ludinator View Post
Haha I can't believe the hate on here for Cain. Okay he didn't do to well in the first fight, but Cain is a beast and will destroy Jds this time around. Please all remember this post.
I don't think it's going to be a massacre. It'll be a war with Cain dragging JDS into unknown territory. These guys fight at such a high pace that it can end quickly. Once JDS touches your chin it's usually over. Once Cain takes you down at this point he can usually get the TKO or really put a hurt on you. His striking has improved.

I'd like to see it go at least three rounds.

Who can beat JDS. Most likely an excellent grappler with high level BJJ, heavy striker, and or wrestler with excellent conditioning. Cain fits this description. Remember I picked JDS the first time.

Cain is going to come out to the center and cut em off. He might do leg kicks again which was an excellent plan in the first fight, but JDS will be prepared and may go for the counter. So I think Cain has to initiate the clinch and immediate take down to wear out JDS. If not, as long as he moves his head and has has guard up he can stand and bang for a minute or so in a round. But without the takedowns it'll be JDS's world.

That's why Cain has to wear down JDS whether it's sapping his energy in the clinch, leg kicking em, taking him down even, or simply staying out of trouble and picking his shots and biding his time. The latter simply isn't Cain's style. So the more I think about it...this fight should be over within three unless it becomes a back and war fight which would be pretty awesome.

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