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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
He's excelled since because he's in the right weight class now, Rory is a monster and I think there's a lot of guys he'd man handle easily, Nick being one of them.

I'd rather see Stun-Gun/Diaz or Koscheck/Diaz though.
I know you and others would. Many here hate Nick so much that they are giddy at the thought of either wet blanketing him for 3 rounds.

I don't think Rory would pick up and slam Nick like he did Nate. Nate is a 155er. Nick is a 170, he is bigger, and stronger. He would play around more in Nick's guard when he takes it to the ground. Nick would mop him on the feet. It would go like most Diaz fights go vs. wrestlers. They mop up on the feet. They get taken down. If they can't manage to sub their opponent then they hope judges score more for dominating striking rather than top control off 1 TD with little offense after it. If Rory opened up like he usually does on the ground, I think Nick would find a way to sub him.

I want to see how Rory does in say a FX main event going 5 rounds. I wonder if he could finish or last for 5 rounds vs. Nick Diaz. I am bias but I would say no. We haven't seen his gas tank challenged since the Condit fight. So its hard to say.
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