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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
When you pretigue your gun, all the attacthments are gone. Pretty much, it turns to level 1 again. It's designed for you to earn more XP by leveling it up again. You don't lose any camo or any of the optics, but the gun attatchments.

I only play Hardcore, so no one would really be using shotguns. There are a lot of run and gunners using SMGs, and the assault rifles and snipers would be picked per game. I only really use the FAL, but I have a SWAT class aswell just incase I start getting pissed off haha. I threw on the Select Fire on the FAL which turns it fully automatic, which is good for levels which have closer quarters and the FAL is way to inaccurate hip fire.

Yeah that was always my problem with SMGs. I always played at a decent range (where in Hardcore the FAL is one hit kill). The SMGs not only cant hit anyone at distance, but when they are close half the time they can turn around and kill me after the bullet bounces off of them. I'm more of a shoot to kill style player.
Ah, that makes sense. You said everyone uses the FAL and I was a bit confused cause I swear everyone I see uses an SMG or a shotgun, but I play normal TDM most of the time, not hardcore.

Hmm, more XP would be nice when prestige my character, I'm almost 55. Does your guns reset like other COD games when you prestige your character? If they do, I'll never prestige lol.
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