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Oh yah! You know what was a cool scene was when he was playing that ukelele to his son even though he was deaf. Before that he shit kicked an Obanion associate for messing with his own.

Read a book awhile back about Al Capone. What most people don't realize was that he had two brothers (Ralph and Sal) who helped him ascend the throne with the blessing of John Torrio of course to create the Outfit. Ironically his older bro was a prohibition agent. One cool character was Machine Gun Jack Mcgurn who was his bodyguard. The Outfit were too violent so the commission never quite accepted them although they were invited to the commission meetings. Big decisions were centered around Lucky, Meyer/Bugsy, Frank Costello, and then to the other future five families. The Outfit pretty much functions as their own entity. Wonder if they'll introduce Tony Acardo aka Big Tuna aka Tony Bats who worked as Al's bodyguard early on in his career then became the boss. He was the only leader in that organization who was able to pass away on his own terms.

That time period has so many rich characters. There's no doubt I would have opened a speakeasy if I were transported in time and quite possibily become the "beer barron," kabooom!!!


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