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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Fight and F*ck like a man? Please elaborate on how she fights and has sex like a man? It seems to me she fights like a judoka. She f*cks like a man? lol, You have experience? How exactly would a woman f*ck like a man??? Surely they're missing a vital part of the male anatomy? You say shes an attention whore? She's marketing herself. Most fighters do it. See Sonnen, Bisping, JBJ, Mir, Rampage etc for details.

Everything you said is complete nonsense. You obviously don't like Ronda, which is fine, or you have some sort of issue with women or women fighting in particular. In any case, this is 2012, not 1912.
Attention whore might be a rude way to put it, but yes, she gave this interview for the attention. She needs to promote herself and giving soundbites that attract reader/viewership is the best way. Only the most prudish of the prudes would blame her for enjoying sex, but talking about it in interviews is clearly just to keep her name in the media. And frankly I don't blame her for that either, women's MMA is a tough gig, she is moving the entire sport forward as she helps it gain attention.

We will see women's MMA in the UFC soon quite likely, and its pretty much because she does a decent job of promoting herself.

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