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Man I cant read this shit. I get 300euro on Tuesday. I plan to spend it all buying christmas presents for my family who have said they wont be buying anything in return this year. Then, i'm on 41euro a week. When my leg heals up, hopefully by Janurary, Ill be spending 40euro on martial arts a week, with 1euro spending money. 1 million to me is a lifetime achieveable goal, and these guys not only can pay for the best training camps on the planet, where as I settle for whatever I can get to, but they also want amounts of money that are enough for someone to life on for the rest of their existance, and their family too, EACH fight. Fuk this. If I was Pacquiao, I'd fight Mayweather for free because it's really a greatest of all time vs not greatest of all time fight. Pacquiao might well be the best, but unless he proves it he'll never make it to #1. Same with GSP. If GSP doesnt fight Anderson, there is NO chance, no matter who faces him, that he will become the greatest in his lifetime. Fighting Anderson, for him, should be the only thing on his mind. Who cares if he beats Hendricks or Diaz? I mean I'd LOVE the Nick fight to happen, but the win doesnt make him go ahead of Anderson, let alone Fedor. A fighters goal, from the outset, should be to become the greatest of all time. GSP has that oppertunity to achieve his only real goal, and if he passes it with bullshit like this, I cant now, or ever have respect for him. A fighters mission is to be the best fighter, as anybody in their trade. If someone is insecure about it, or is unwilling to prove it, they are no more worthy of that merit than I am.

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