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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
So you positive rep a guy that yourself considered having a dick attitude in this thread? Not mentioning he is being accused of trolling/multi posts in this very thead?

You really should follow this link, man:
I said he ISN'T a troll. He's just wrong. People are allowed to be dicks, source: every thread on every forum ever.

But I respect the fact he is hanging in there and defending his argument when most people would have just abandoned the thread.

There's loads of 'regulars' on here who do the exact same thing he's doing, but we accept it because they've been here a while. He's no different from you, GrappleRetarded, LyotoLegion, Roflopter or Life B Eazy. He's just newer at it. He'll get there with a bit of practice like all of you guys did.

And as long as cowards are still running around leaving anonymous negative reps, I don't think pos repping a noob for acting like 99% of the board already does anyway is a big deal. But feel free to leave me 10 anonymous negative reps as a punishment.

The original post in this thread, is a good post imo, the guy is just going through the usual trial by fire that all noobs go through on this board and you guys are all trying to flex on him because you all have thousands of posts and think that counts for something more than it does.

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