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Originally Posted by Proud German View Post
A REAL man wouldn't want to watch women brusing each other to the point of non recognition. That's not normal. Women are not built for that, they are delicate
Oh god. What on earth makes you think you can decide what makes a "REAL" man? Using that phrase alone makes you seem like a moron. Also funny to hear someone saying that women shouldn't fight because they're "delicate" when we've had a million planned male MMA fights scrapped this year 'cos dudes can't stay injury free.

Originally Posted by evilappendix View Post
I'm all for no tact, don't get me wrong, but calling one of the most respectful champions in MMA tactless when you're openly talking about your sex life and hanging out with guys who border on Asperger's level social dysfunction is the pot calling the kettle black and then telling it to use the back of the bus.
Maybe you should grab a quick look at a thesaurus. What does tact have to do with whom you choose to hang out with? How would you know anything about what the Diaz bros are like socially anyway?
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