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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
And as long as cowards are still running around leaving anonymous negative reps, I don't think pos repping a noob for acting like 99% of the board already does anyway is a big deal. But feel free to leave me 10 anonymous negative reps as a punishment.
Just for the records, this "boot" does not fit on me. If you follow that link I sent you you'll find out that if you buy a full membership you'll know the 10 ppl who are neg repping you every day and also find out I am not responsible for any of them. You should know by now I address you directly when I have smth to say or ask.

Btw, the mods know who is repping who. Why don't you make a formal complain?

I asked why you pos rep someone you called being a dick because it intrigued me. Got your reasons, I respect them while still finding intriguing.

The thread is definitely good. The title was "trollish like" and multi subs didn't help. Gave him a heads up about those things. From my end, zero to do with him being newbie or not. I don't have thousands of posts, man. Who cares anyway?
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