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Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
I hadn't realised that he'd left. Never the less, it just seems to me that people associated with BH and the Nog brothers always have injuries or illnesses to complain about after every fight, even if they win. I just think it's scumbagish to disrespect your opponent's efforts by coming out afterwards and talking about your staph infection/rough weight cut/injured leg/broken spine (calling that as Big Nog's next post-fight injury claim btw).

To go into the cage injured and fight on is courageous in my opinion but I think the class of it is completely negated if you make a point of telling the world about it
In before. They are outspoken ppl. Nothing to hide. And you just pointed out how honest the declarations are, as they come following victories or losses regardless. You clearly didn't follow Big Nog's career from the begining otherwise you woudn't second guess his statements like that.
Guy is a legendary warrior who respects and is respected by most.

But everyone is entitle to his own opinion, of course.
Life is full of contradictions.
Tell you were injured or sick: Not cool. Not classy.
Middle fingers parade: Very cool. Very classy.
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