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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
Downloading TWD episode 1 now.

Also, got my first gold gun in BO2 . Wierdly, it's the SMAW rocket launcher. I was racking up the UAV hits (100 before level 45...where was this when I was tyring to get Ghost Pro? :P). After that, I spent an hour or two trying to get the direct hits, dragonfire, car explosion and double kill ones. The dragonfire and car ones were actually very easy, guess I was lucky to have a match where someone got the dragon. Next I got the direct hits after a few games, and in my last match of the night where I said "I'm only firing one more shot and quitting", I got a triple kill which got me my last double kill. Awesome. About half way through the camos with the FAL now. Already pretigued both of those. Level 45 now, will prestigue tommorow.
The last two days has been frustrating for me, the game is turning into a camp/sniper fest on every map now. It was enjoyable, but like all COD games it's turning to garbage online with people camping and sniping, throwing down mines EVERYWHERE for skillless free kills.

I just quit playing and on the last game I was 12-18, because of mines, random grenades, campers, snipers, I maybe died twice from an actual gunfight.

Another day of that and I'll be done with it like all the other COD games, way too many good shooters out there to waste my time on crap like this.
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