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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
I still enjoy the COD multiplayer...I use the same game plan every match though....I Stay on the freaking outside and make a big circle....It's done well so far!

Picked up Skyrm the other day (Im late I know) Im pretty excited about it though!

Also thinking hard about picking up WOW
I'm still playing Skyrim from time to time, I got about 170 hours into my "main" file, I have pretty much everything done (including the DLC).

That reminds me though, if any of you have the 360 version the new Skyrim expansion 'Dragonborn' comes out on the 4th of this month so like 2 days. Leaked info from a beta tester says it adds around 20-30 hours of content, new armor/items/shouts/quests/follower, a whole island to explore, you can ride dragons, all sorts of stuff. Basically, your typical Bethesda DLC where you pay 15 dollars for something that's as long as some other full games, 'cause they are beasts.

I'm pumped for it.
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