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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post

Ima dive into it when I get home..Ill have 21 days to devote to it!!

Two tips going into it:

1. Start leveling up your Blacksmithing from the beginning of the game. It's tough to get it to 100 but you will need it when you get high enough, that's where the best armor/weapons come from. Just level it gradually when you hit town if you come across ores/ignots to use on your quests.

The higher sell price on the item you make = the more exp you get for making that item. So, say you can make an iron dagger that can sell for 200 gold, that will give you far less blacksmithing exp than if you make a ring that sells for 800, so try to find the highest price items to craft with the easiest materials to make it for maximum blacksmith leveling.

2. Avoid destruction magic. As you level up, your offensive (destruction) magic actually gets weaker and at around level 30 or so, all melee/archery combat methods are superior and will continue to grow as your magic continues to get worse. Other magic schools like Restoration are quite useful, though (always get high restoration IMO).

The rest is all up to you.
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