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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Cain is hardly on some huge comeback, he took advantage of a dumb decision by Bigfoot and messed him up on the ground, he's had one fight since he was finished in 64 seconds by Junior, he hasn't shown anything that gives me the impression he's gonna beat him. He's probably gonna do better but it's hard to get beat in under 64 seconds to the same guy twice.

Like I've said time and time again. Cain's chance are slim in this, he has two options, shoot for the takedown or fake and try and catch Junior. Junior already showed the entire world Cain isn't on his league when it comes to the stand up and I doubt that has changed in 13 months.

I'm not expecting a war either and I don't know why people have this idea they're tailor made to supply one, if Cain wants to make this war he has to go into the trenches and fight tooth and nail and that's a fight he'll never win against JDS.
That fight only lasted 64 seconds.. Cain had one half arsed attempt at a single (I think it was a single, haven't watched in a little while) before he got caught. I don't doubt that Cain can get JDS down.

I also think Cain poses a bigger threat on the feet than most believe, before the KO he was looking good and had outlanded Junior.

I just really think that 64 seconds isn't long enough to judge the two fighters, yeah JDS dropped Cain fiercely, but Cain landed a decent shot on JDS during a combo with a lowkick from memory, as long as both fighters land solid shots, either has the ability to flash KO the other. They are HWs afterall.

Maybe it's fanboyism , but yeah I definitely see Cain dragging JDS to the mat and beating him to a bloody pulp.

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