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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
It isnt the thread it's self that is Trollish, well, maybe a little, it's the manner in which he is flat out defending his opinion by posting an image in every reply and calling those who disagree 'haterz'.

You have to see how this kind of thread can be considered trolling by some. I think it's a little trollish myself, but im not exactly dishing out trolling infractions left and right as the OP hasnt done any worse than some of the regulars do.

Im actually really surprised this thread made it to 7 pages without needing to be locked.
I think his Name and Avy make him seem more of a troll then he really is. "The bad guy 13" and a typical douche "Look at me i smoke weed" avy that loser stoners would have as their facebook pic. (Im not saying that Stoners are losers but there are alot of losers that are stoners.)
You add that with some of his posts and he comes off as a troll.

But when i think about it some more it just seems like he might be kind of new to using Forums. People that dont use forums often tend to have a different way of carrying themselves.

Anyway sorry for taking a left turn there.

JDS would destroy Jones that we currently have. Maybe if i see Jones with 30-40 pounds more of muscle i would change my opinion. We forget how new Jones is to MMA and in 3-4 years i could certainly see him being a much bigger threat to JDS.

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