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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
It isn't absurd that his name isn't the discussion. It would be absurd if his name was in the discussion. Current day, Penn simply isn't one of the greatest fighters in MMA. He's lost twice to Frankie Edgar, drawn with Fitch and lost to Nick Diaz. So how is it absurd that he's no longer listed as one of the greatest current day fighters in the sport?

If he beaten Frankie Edgar and went on to continue his reign of dominance at LW, the of course he'd still be in the discussion, but unfortunately that didn't happen, he ended up losing to Frankie twice and went on a downward spiral.

Still, hope he knocks Rory out cold though, BJ will always be one of my favourite fighters ever, but some times you gotta take off the blinders and accept reality.

PS - I'm not saying BJ isn't one of the greatest fighters to go down in history with the sport, of course he is, I took Penns comments as meaning people don't rank him as a current day great, the same way that Randy Couture wouldn't be a current day great fighter, but an all time great fighter.

"When you talk about the greatest fighters of all-time, you never hear my name anymore and I'm sick of it," said Penn. "I want to get back to the glory days."

Maybe you should actually read the article before you respond then. He clearly says "of all time", he did not say greatest right now.

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