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Originally Posted by the bad guy 13 View Post
and if you read at the beginning i said if jds does manage to land something jj could easily backpedal to safety.
Don't want to keep harping on about this like I do in every Condit/Diaz thread, but there is a difference between 're-setting' 'back-pedaling' 'circling out' etc and straight up turning your back and sprinting in the opposite direction. Once you turn your back, you are explicitly stating that you aren`t interested in fighting your way out of this position and you`re just going to make a run for it.

The first three are fighting techniques used to create space and counter strike.

The last one is what you do when you've lost a fight and your 'flight' instinct kicks in. Lets not forget that turning you back on your opponent is also very dangerous and certainly isn`t intelligently defending yourself as evidence by Yves Edwards` KO on Josh Thompson back in the day when Thompson got out of the clinch and tried to walk away with his back turned and got kicked in the back of the head.

In my humble opinion, turning your back like that is the definition of 'timidity' which is and always has been a foul under the unified rules of MMA. Thompson obviously has the excuse that he was getting absolutely mugged at the time and didn`t really have the time to turn around anyway. I`m more using that example to show how dangerous having your back turned to your opponent is.

It's the same reason they have a shot clock in basketball, have a turnover on downs in football, the goalie is only allowed to hold the ball for 6 seconds in soccer and on, and on, and on. It's because simply getting up on points and then just stalling or playing `keep away` until the time runs out isn't in the spirit of the game. Of any game.

In PRIDE they had yellow cards for this type of behavior which cost you money from your purse (you could even be disqualified!), but under the unified rules of MMA the only time I`ve seen a referee properly employ the `timidity` foul was when Nick Serra refused to come up off his back during a fight and basically refused to fight unless his opponent would politely come and lie down in his guard.

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