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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Isn't the neck crank a spinal lock anyway.

I don't really think they fracture necks like that...

Usually the injury a strain of the ligaments in the spine.

I've never seen anyone get a tech sub or someone not tap from a neck crank though so...
Mark Coleman has two nasty wins by neck crank.

Any mma fan who hasn`t watched all of Coleman and Randleman`s old fights in the UFC owes it to their self to watch them to see why we have weight classes and fouls in the first place. These guys absolutely destroyed people simply by being too big and too strong to deal with. If they got on top of you they could just pop your head right off with a neck crank or tie your hands up and just cave your skull in with headbutts caveman-style. I`ve always suspected that Ken Shamrock`s `broken hand` forfeit at UFC 11 was just a realization that if he got in there with Coleman he was going to get completely mangled. Coleman won a UFC tournament via being too scary for Shamrock to f*** with. Just beastly.

Randleman has a great `taste of your own medicine` moment when he comes up against Tom Erikson and finds out what it`s like to be the little guy and just gets his lunch served to him. It`s in a tournament in Brazil where Randleman is just running through everyone, then he tries that on Erikson and just gets served. That dude was freaking enormous.

In this pic he makes Randleman look like a little kid fighting an adult.

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