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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
I think he is clearly the #1 condentender but its all about what fights people want to see and I think the grudge match aspect of a Diaz fight makes it more interesting to a lot of people. I also think come saturday another big contender is gonna stick his head out, Penn or Rory somebody is making a statement and staking that claim come saturday.

I think GSP likely fights Hendricks and then Diaz fights the winner of Rory/Penn.
You think Diaz/Penn could rematch? I highly doubt that.

I think if Diaz doesn't fight Anderson or GSP he will get Kos. I would say FItch/Maia winner but the timing doesn't match well.

Who cares if Rory makes a statement? He won't fight GSP anyway so I'm not sure what he is even doing.

Hendricks is the #1 contender. Doesn't mean that fight has to happen. I just watched Kos/Hendricks again last night and Hendricks doesn't have much other than some power. His striking is very average from technical/diverse stand point. Throws few combos. His wrestling is good but not in the same sentence as GSP's or Kos'. His cardio for 5 rounds probably isn't as good either. I mean I don't see him having much of a chance. Basically a sprawl and brawl. Brawling won't work vs. GSP.

I'd rather see GSP/Diaz.

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