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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post

EA Sports MMA is a cracking game for a group of people. When I play with mates who dont have either UFC or MMA, I won't take it to the ground and we'll fight stand up. EA MMA allows people who doont know all the intricate parts of the game to have a chance of KOing you or dropping you with one shot. My mate, who would literally lose in half a second on the ground, won like 15 games straight with Woodley. The storymode is alright. I would make guys and fight in the Brazil league, which is like 20 minutes of straight fighting. I'd be using my jab and stuff and at times the shit was really hard to fight like that. In general though, once you perfect your training, it gets too easy. My submission guy was unbeatable cause it's pretty easy to take it down, and my KO guy would knock everyone out in seconds.
Yeah I'm at the point on EA Sports where I only play on legendary and I have to start banning techniques to make it competitive for the computer or human opponents. I also like to use Tim Sylvia to make things fair for my opponent lel. And i try to use silly stuff like the RNC to win with Sylvia because he's so bad at it.

Once I find a UFC game that isn't $60 I'll buy it, thanks for the info.
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