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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
Part of it is true, and part of it is hype. Even Rogan has been known to make the statement, 'Your job as BJ's opponent is to not give him a reason to get off the couch and into the gym' and that statement has some truth to it. Penn has a hard time staying motivated for an 8 week training camp, he likes to take time off and not be serious. If you give him a reason to be in his best shape it isn't just his cardio that is better, ALL of Penn is better.

So I guess a better statement would be "A motivated BJ" rather than an "In shape BJ".
He seem motivated at the start of the Fitch fight. Like he was all business. Then he gassed...

I know they didn't want it at first. But seemed motivated for the Diaz fight. Looked good in the first. And gassed.

What happens if Penn loses? Where does he go when he is
1-4-1 in his last 6? DOes he retire again? What happens if it is the 3rd round and huge as Rory is on top of him while he is gassing out? What will motivation do for him then?

I hope he looks good. And I expect him too early on. But Penn says this before every fight. I and all of you have seen this from him before. He couldn't be motivated enough to face the #2 WW Jon Fitch. He wasn't motivated enough to go 3 rounds with Nick Diaz and possible title implications on the line. But some how he is motivated for a 23 year old kid that doesn't have a name yet in MMA? Seems odd.

For as long as Penn continues to fight he will always talk well and persuade others into thinking this is "it". How he's fed up with something. How he has realized something. How he is in teh best shape of his life. Penn is great at hyping a fight and talking up his new found motivation.

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