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Originally Posted by Kreed View Post
No, because very much like his mentor hes young and rich yet in the countdowns/day in the life no wife or girlfriend to call his own..They are even using the same "so mentally focused and dedicated to mmma he lives in the gym" narrative they've always used for gsp. Like they are so focused on MMA they have no social life to meet dimes? please
That still doesn't mean he's gay.

How do you know GSP isn't in the club bringing home girls every night just to get smash and dash? GSP makes a lot of money and he probably doesn't want some gold digger who only wants him for his money. He's probably gave Rory that same advice to not jump into a relationship with someone who doesn't want him for him but wants the money and no doubt Rory will be making a lot of money one day.

Or maybe he's just content with being a man-whore? Rory and even GSP are both still pretty young guys, GSP's like 30 years old and he could pretty much get any chick he wants.

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